15 Spooktacular Toddler Halloween Activities

Happy Halloweek! Halloween is Wednesday and this whole week will be dedicated to celebrating the spookiest day of the year! Have a toddler who is loving every second of the candy fueled craze that is Halloween? Check out these spooktacular activities to keep the Halloween Spirit alive!

Spooky Story Time! Whether it be Room on the Broom or The Night Before Halloween there are plenty of awesome titles out there to share with your little ones to get into the Halloween Spirit!

Create Your Own Monster! This is a craft project we did last week that was born out of sheer laziness, all I did was glue two googly eyes to a piece of construction paper and let little man go nuts! He chose markers and bingo dobbers for his weapon of choice and now it proudly hangs on the wall in our living room!


Pumpkin Painting! Don’t want your little one to disassemble a pumpkin just yet? Try giving them some spooky colors and let them paint their pumpkin instead! Less sharp objects but just as messy, it is a less intrusive way to decorate!

Halloween Dance Party! If there is one thing Ezra loves more than food, it is dancing! The other day I threw on the soundtrack from the Netflix show Super Monsters and as soon as the shows version of The Monster Mash came on he was shaking his diapered tush like you wouldn’t believe! Find a Halloween playlist you all can enjoy and shake those bones!

_IMG_20181005_092235Pumpkin Patch Landscapes! Another fun craft born out of laziness, I pasted a foam pumpkin onto a green background and “helped” (okey I’ll admit I glued the face on, ,but he totally watched) place a spooky face on and then let him go nuts adding pumpkins with an orange bingo dobber. Another prod piece of art

hanging in our living room.

Ghost Chase! This is a highly supervised activity and really only started when little man chased me around the kitchen with a knit blanket over his head, but let your little ones pretend to be a ghost and chase you around the house yelling “spook spook” while you run! Great cardio and super adorable, it’s a happy mix between your daily work out and an episode of Scooby Doo.

Clementine Pumpkin Decorating! I wrote about this fun activity last week, but it still makes the list because it is a great activity to add in some work with fine motor skills with minimal mess! Try using other fruits and see if you can make them just as spooky!

Pumpkin Bowling! Have some mini-pumpkins or gourdes sitting around? Round them up and set up some pins (we used empty plastic cups) and get ready for some good old fashioned fun! This one was a hit for all ages and would definitely be a game we break out again!

Watch a Not So Spooky Movie! Another previous post, but there are plenty of great Halloween themed family movies and shows out to fill a rainy night in with the family! Check out my top five list here, or check out some other great titles such as The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown or Monster House.

Spooky Foods! Ever tried a Boologna and cheese Sandwich? How about some Frightened French Fries? Get creative and give lunch a spooky twist by giving it silly spooky names! It may seem corny, but I do love a good Boologna Sammie for lunch.

Spooky Sensory Bin! Kidney beans, leaves picked up while apple picking, some orange and purple pom poms, some plastic spiders and bats all mixed together with some googly eyes makes for one creepy (and super fun) sensory bin!


Slime Snack Time! Also known as pudding and food coloring, toss some green or purple food coloring into the afternoon pudding or yogurt snack and let the messy toddler fingers fly! Great sensory activity that fills the tummy and a decent amount of time can get eaten up in the process.

Pumpkin Dot to Dot. You’re probably sensing a theme with the pumpkins, truth be told they’re kind of my favorite part about Halloween, but also very versatile when it comes to toddler activities! Simply take a piece of paper and draw out some random pumpkins of all shapes and sizes and let your little person go nuts placing dots with the bingo dobber!

Go to a Pumpkin Patch! Nothing screams fun than letting a toddler loose in a pumpkin patch! From using the pumpkins as drums to playing in the dirt, my little guy absolutely loved our visit to the pumpkin patch and we were able to spend an afternoon soaking up the last of the fall weather before winter sets in!

Trick or Treat! This one goes without saying but obviously trick or treating is a really big part of Halloween! This past Friday our town did their annual downtown trick or treat for the little ones to visit area business’ and show of their costumes, a great way to have the fun of trick or treating without the stress of finding flashlights or dealing with a sleepy tiny human! I was unable to take little dude but his Gram took him and although he napped he looked like he had a lot of fun! I took him last year and we loved the experience!

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