Thanksgiving Reflections

It's Friday Morning and I'm taking a few minutes to drink my coffee while reflecting on yesterdays festivities. Thanksgiving is a great holiday because it gives us a whole day to stop and think about all the things big and small that we're thankful for, which is something we sometimes over look through out the... Continue Reading →

Cranberry Bog Sensory Play

It's the day before Thanksgiving and you have six million things to do with six million little hands pulling at you in every direction, well not that many but I'm sure you can relate. Have no fear I've rounded up five sensory play ideas sure to be a hit with the littles using a staple... Continue Reading →

Cut and Paste Turkey Craft

It's Thanksgiving week, which means we have a whole week of giving thanks and spending time with the people we love! This also means more time for turkey crafts! This one was super simple and although I may have helped little dude more than I probably should have, it's a great keepsake to remember Thanksgiving... Continue Reading →

Feather Painting!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and with that comes a whole slew of fun activities! Today's focus will be feather painting, a multimedia painting experience that left me with two very happy toddlers. The premise of the activity is simple, using feathers for paint brushes the littles went to town decorating their pieces of... Continue Reading →

The Last Mile: A Review

Recently I downloaded a new app through my library called Libby that allows me to rent ebooks from the library and read them on my phone! That being said, I was recommended to read a murder myster, written by David Baldacci titled The Last Mile. After a weekend of reading, I had to share a... Continue Reading →

Oven Baked Broccoli: A Recipe

A staple of our grocery list always seems to be a bag of frozen broccoli, toss it in some alfredo pasta for a delightful mix of vegetable into the dish or simply as a side, little man has always loved some leafy greens. Today I decide to share with you my favorite way to prepare... Continue Reading →

Independent Play Ideas!

Little man is now seventeen months old, just shy of the year and a half mark he is great at playing independently! I'm so thankful for the fact that he can entertain himself because it gives so much opportunity to get stuff done! Here are ten super easy independent play ideas to hopefully entertain your... Continue Reading →

Halloween Costume Round Up!

This year I felt like I dropped the ball on Halloween, last year I was so excited to make little mans costume but this year I just couldn't find the energy. But that good ol' halloween spirit seemed to kick in last minute and we pulled off a cute mom and son costume idea that... Continue Reading →

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