Halloween Costume Round Up!

This year I felt like I dropped the ball on Halloween, last year I was so excited to make little mans costume but this year I just couldn’t find the energy. But that good ol’ halloween spirit seemed to kick in last minute and we pulled off a cute mom and son costume idea that cost a whole $0.

This article isn’t just about me though, it’s a shout out to all the awesome costumes I saw this year, from a lamp and side table, to a cosplay worthy Coraline, I have to say I’m surrounded by a lot of equally creative and fun minds! I’ll take you through a quick recap of our costume then share with you some other awesome costumes pulled off by some pretty rad people.

1. Fred and Daphne

Little man already had the outfit, and I cut up an old pair of basketball shorts for the ascot. Throw on a head band, some sweeping side bangs, and what little amount of purple I had in my wardrobe and viola! We matched! Shout out to my mom for coming in clutch last minute with the Scooby Doo of my (maybe my younger sisters?) Childhood to tie it all together.

2. Coraline

This one was my youngest sisters masterpiece, modeling the classic look from the film Coraline, she was even committed enough to paint her originally black rain boots yellow. (No worries, it washes right off… maybe.)

3. A Lamp and Side Table

This one was my mother in laws creation, with a quick trip to the thrift store and some hot glue, she pretty much won Halloween in my book. The highlight is definitely the side table complete with a late night snack, because who doesn’t keep chocolate by their bed side?

4. Tiny Grandma

Crafted by my best friend for her fire cracker of a daughter, the details are what make this perfect! Lots of knit wear, the bonnet, and the walker make this costume perfect for anyone who wants to take a walk on the geriatric side.

5. Leopard Queen

This little cutie is the cutest of the leopards, and also the queen! Her awesome parents took a super fun leopard costume and added some royally fun touches! Her mom slayed the make up game making her the best ruler of leopards out there! Not shown is her adorable roar and overall excitement for Halloween, she even said “thank you!” a feat not many 17 month olds can pull off!

Well Halloween 2018 is in the books, and as much as little man hated trick or treating, we survived to see another November 1st.

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