Independent Play Ideas!

Little man is now seventeen months old, just shy of the year and a half mark he is great at playing independently! I’m so thankful for the fact that he can entertain himself because it gives so much opportunity to get stuff done! Here are ten super easy independent play ideas to hopefully entertain your little so you too can enjoy some freedom!

1. Blocks! Duplo blocks are a big hit in our house!

2. Cars! Whether it be laying on the floor or driving them up walls, he loves cars!

3. Cups and popsicle sticks! I break this out at work alot, I hand him some popsicle sticks and a cup and he goes to town putting them in and taking them out!

4. Book jail! Simply take all the board books and open them up creating a boarder around your child, trust me they’ll like it.

5. Water paint! Take a small dish of water, a piece of paper, and a paint brush and let them go to town! I usually put a towel down just in case but it keeps him occupied for a solid amount of time.

6. Kitchen utensil exploring! I’ve mentioned before my love of kitchen exploration, but give the little explorer some baby safe kitchen stuff and they’ll be sure to spend some time checking it out.

7. Box Play! Little boxes, big boxes, plastic, fabric, cardboard, little dude loves boxes. Put stuff in, dump it out, even laundry hampers make for a very happy little dude.

8. Dress Up. This one is one of those independent play activities I more so stumbled upon little dude doing, but he loves to play and try on mamas shoes!

9. Magnets! This one can be supervised depending on the magnets, but once they stop trying to eat them it’s fun to watch little minds figure out what they can and can’t stick to.

10. Soap Soup! This is a water play activity perfect for after a messy meal or craft project! Take a few big bowls or Tupperware, throw in some baby soap and water with a couple ladles or large spoons and let them play and clean themselves off at the same time! I use this one alot after painting, throwing down some towels in the kitchen while I clean up the mess, its perfect and kiddos seem to love it!

What are some other ways your littles keep themselves entertained? Share in the comments below!

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  1. I’ve read the many benefits of independent play to toddlers and I am glad to have found more ideas with this post. Toddlers need some alone time too so as not to be overstimulated. Thanks for sharing.

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