A Millenial Moms Lecture on Voting

As my American friends are probably aware today is voting day in the U.S. and although it’s not a presidential election, it is just as important to get out and vote! I know it’s not a normal day for me to be posting but today is a very important exception. Here’s my down and dirty millennial mom lecture on why you need to vote today.

1. Voting in midterms can drastically alter the path for the 2020 presidential race, you heard it here first but if you want results in a presidential election, you have to turn out and vote to lay a foundation with the midterms. We have the potential to flip the majority of the house right now which could be huge for our country!

2. Ballot questions DO affect you! It may not be directly but often times they can have a trickle down effect, do some research and take a stance!

3. Just do it! If you think your vote doesn’t matter you’re not alone, but it doesn’t mean you can just not vote. People have given everything to afford the opportunity to vote, so if your not voting for yourself vote for them! (Looking at the suggragete moment, the civil rights movement, and even those fighting the potentially oppressive voting laws of today.)

So that’s my lecture, as a part of a generation that’s seen the future get muddied pretty heavily, and as a mom of a beautiful son I want to live in a world where happiness and light trump evil, I’m urging you to vote. Vote for civility, for humanity, and most importantly vote for kindness.

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