Feather Painting!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and with that comes a whole slew of fun activities! Today’s focus will be feather painting, a multimedia painting experience that left me with two very happy toddlers.

The premise of the activity is simple, using feathers for paint brushes the littles went to town decorating their pieces of “fancy” paper. Luckily the family I work for is well stocked with art supplies, so we’re never without something fun to use. Little man used the feathers for a whole 30 seconds before he gave up and went for his fingers, but our older friend had a great time with her feather brushes and even included them in her final work.

I liked this activity because it combined sensory play by using the feathers and paints, with creative play as they were allowed free reign of their own projects. We do alot of arts and crafts mainly because they both seem to love it! At age 17 months and 2.5 years, it’s great when I find something they both can get super into!

Both toddlers had a blast with this activity and when paired with talks of Turkey, it seemed a great way to kick off the Thanksgiving celebrations.

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