Snow Days: A Lazy Moms Survival Guide

Our first storm of the season has hit us which means soon enough full blown winter will be upon us and with it will bring a snow day or two. Here’s my lazy moms guide to surviving a day trapped between the elements and a toddler.

Start off slow, your probably not leaving the house so why rush the morning? Chances are your child is still probably up at quarter to six but hey, hold onto the bed head and pajama trend for as long as possible, the day is still young.

Meals and snack time are a pivotal part of a snow day, keep them fed and maybe the day won’t drag on. This past Friday we had the luxury of staying home due to the snow and I made it a point to make meal times and snack times drag out for as long as possible just to make time move a little faster. Little man even got his first taste at hot chocolate (well it was more milk than anything but it’s the thought that counts) and he loved it! Keeping little traditions like hot chocolate on a snowy day or grilled cheese and soup can make snow days memorable and help to ease the burden of planning a whole extra menu outside of the lunch you already packed the night before.

Activities! My handy dandy pinterest boards full of activities saved my butt this past Friday, we did snow sensory play, we did book play, obstacle course with couch cushions, running in circles yelling unintelligible words, you think of it and we probably did it. We broke out the old game of Don’t Break the Ice as a fun cause and effect activity, plus little dude loved playing with the curtain divider in our room. The key was using activities to my advantage while also doing the day to day stuff I needed to get done. Just some simple switching up of toy placement really helped keep him entertained and engaged so the day didn’t seem stagnant.

Regrettably this time we didn’t get outside to play, I wasn’t one hundred percent prepared with winter gear for little dude but he was none the wiser and that was okey with me. Next snow day we will definitely take a trip outside and I’ll be sure to tell you all about it. For now we will continue to stay warm and enjoy not having wet extremities.

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