Cranberry Bog Sensory Play

It’s the day before Thanksgiving and you have six million things to do with six million little hands pulling at you in every direction, well not that many but I’m sure you can relate. Have no fear I’ve rounded up five sensory play ideas sure to be a hit with the littles using a staple of the holidays, Cranberries! I’m super lucky to work for a family that is always coming up with fun play ideas, so when I was left with two bags of cranberries and an eight hour day, we made sure to get to work!

1. Cranberry Bog Sensory Play

Too easy, fill a bucket with water and cranberries and let the kids at it! Throw in a similar sized dish and some ladles and spoons and we’re ready for fun!

2. Cranberry Marble Painting

This one is messy but fun! Put a piece of paper on a baking sheet with some drops of paint and roll the cranberries around! Bonus points for adding in kitchen utensils to keep fingers clean!

3. Box of Berries

Alright this one is just an extension of the marble paint idea, but if you really want to keep the mess minimal toss some cranberries into a box with paint so little arms are forced to use utensils. They liked this because there was a lot of giggling involved in figuring out which item moved the cranberries the best.

4. Cranberry Wash!

This follows up the painting and the idea of soap soup, but throw the painted cranberries in soapy water and let little hands wash not only the cranberries but themselves.

5. Cranberry Count

This one requires some adult help, and was helpful during pick up after I let them scoop and dump the cleaned and dried cranberries after activites 1 through 4. As we picked up and put away we counted the cranberries, super simple and quick, doing groups of fives and tens was a quick and easy way for little hands to pick up and put the berries in the designated bin.

Cranberries are not only delicious but a blast to play with! We super enjoyed our activities and hope you do too!!!

Happy almost Thanksgiving!!!

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