10 Super Easy Ways to Prep for the Week: Lazy Mom Edition

If you've read any of the articles I've written you can probably gather I fall into the "lazy" mom category, a badge I wear with pride honestly and I'm gonna give you the low down on how I maintain my title while keeping chaos under control. Sundays are typically spent in pajamas, we don't typically... Continue Reading →

No Spend Weekend!

This year is all about fitness, whether that be physical or financial, I'm working hard to get my little family back in shape one step at a time. This weekend I focused on financial fitness, dragging out the big notebook of payments and debt owed and piecing it all together to see where we stand.... Continue Reading →

Baby Shark: The Epidemic.

With little dude growing more and more every day we've hit the point of no return with toddlerism, and I dare say it has been the funniest, yet most testing time as a parent so far. Little dude has a lot of opinions and ideas, and just like his Mama, he is stubborn beyond belief!... Continue Reading →

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