Baby Shark: The Epidemic.

With little dude growing more and more every day we’ve hit the point of no return with toddlerism, and I dare say it has been the funniest, yet most testing time as a parent so far. Little dude has a lot of opinions and ideas, and just like his Mama, he is stubborn beyond belief!

Over the summer while I was away little man was introduced to the “Baby Shark” song, I’m sure you’ve probably heard the monstrosity, but if not you can listen here.

Fast forward to this last week where he finally can both say and sign the word “more”, and can also point out the Amazon Echo in the kitchen, or the Google Home in the living room, and the amount of times we play the song just to see his happy little body dance and run is a bit alarming.

The song is short and sweet, but the repetition haunts me as I try to sleep at night, the constant toe tapping beat pulsing through my tired mom veins. Little dude can now sing along to the “do do do” parts, and joins in with clapping, toe tapping, stomping, and running as deemed necessary through out the song. Its adorable to see him latch on to something like a song and slowly piece the words and beat together, and who doesn’t love a little toddler tush shaking in the kitchen?

Baby Shark may be irritating and repetitive, but seeing little man bust a move or sing along almost makes up for the rest.

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