No Spend Weekend!

This year is all about fitness, whether that be physical or financial, I’m working hard to get my little family back in shape one step at a time.

This weekend I focused on financial fitness, dragging out the big notebook of payments and debt owed and piecing it all together to see where we stand. Thankfully, the out look isn’t as bleak as I thought and time is on my side, being a solid twenty three years old, I luckily have the wiggle room to rebuild our finances without too much stress on time.

All this being said, I decided every other weekend will be a no spend weekend, from Midnight Friday to Midnight Sunday, no money shall exit the bank account or wallet. This was actually pretty simple to do, but I’ll tell you how just in case you’re curious.

For starters on Saturday instead of going out for breakfast like we love to do, I made some homemade waffles in my mini-waffle maker, and we sipped coffee in our PJ’s while enjoying not having to wait an hour for food.

Then we played with our toys and got dressed, wanting to get the baby out of the house I took him to our local library. Thankfully our library is awesome and he was able to burn off some steam in a new environment plus we rented a movie for a family movie night! Who knew the library had an awesome collection of DVDs?

Next was nap time, and I took the time to get some household chores done, I even vacuumed our mattresses, slicing my to do list for the week down to nearly nothing.

Once our cranky man woke up from nap we played and enjoyed some quality family time, ending the evening with some homemade popcorn and a movie. Little man loves Wallace and Grommet so we watched Shaun the Sheep, and he stayed awake almost to the end and was laughing the whole time! It was fun to get snuggled up in our big bed and watch a movie together, and made for a really great memory for me atleast as a parent.

Sunday was another day of no spending, meaning we again ate some homemade waffles and enjoyed playing with our toys.

Little man slept for a solid three hour midday nap, which meant I had time to hit the gym, start a new knitting project, and purge through all of our old VHS tapes and DVDs. Instead of my typical “let’s go to Target” attitude, I made a great use of time and decluttered in the process.

Eventually little man did wake up from his midday slumber and we turned our living room into an obstacle course, burning some energy and getting in a lot of gross motor play.

The key to success was preparation, we had enough food and diapers to work with that I didn’t have to run out to the store, which would inevitably lead to the temptation of buying more than we need.

This weekend we said no to long walks through Target, shunned the ease of fast food, and we spent a lot of quality time together, something that’s more valuable than any amount of money.

I’m definitely looking forward to the next no spend weekend and would eventually love to transition into a no spend week and then a no spend month! Setting small obtainable goals at first seems to be what’s making my resolutions stick, and I’m excited to see just how far these goals will take us!

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