Tidying Up: A Weekend Spent Cleaning

So this past weekend we had the pleasure of mother nature dumping a solid amount of snow on our heads. The roads were bad, the Walmart was packed, and it was just not a weekend to go out and enjoy the world.

So what’s does a mom do when snowed in? Binge watch Tidying Up With Marie Konda on Netflix and becoming down right inspired by the KonMari method of cleaning up.

This lasted the solid three hours I actually put into cleaning, and didn’t get me as far as I wanted but baby steps are good too!

For the Konmari method the first category is clothes so I tackled our laundry and went through what we had, getting rid of what no longer brought joy, and tidying up the rest.

The challenge to this was little dude’s wardrobe because I live in constant fear of not having a back up outfit. But we still managed to weed out some old and super beat up clothes and organized none the less.

To the average human this may not look organized, but it makes my life 100% easier because I can see exactly what’s in each drawer without going through them. The Konmari method has a particular fold method so everything stands up and you can see it, this is not how to do that. I struggle with folding but this weird rolling technique seems to work best for me.

Next stop was my bureau which is shared with my husband, for the first time since we got together he actually now has his own drawer dedicated to his undergarments! I finally buckled down and got my wardrobe under control enough that his delicates now have a proper home!

My wardrobe sans the hanging stuff in the closet

This project was really fun because although folding clothes isn’t the most exciting thing on the planet, everything having a home is!

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