10 Super Easy Ways to Prep for the Week: Lazy Mom Edition

If you’ve read any of the articles I’ve written you can probably gather I fall into the “lazy” mom category, a badge I wear with pride honestly and I’m gonna give you the low down on how I maintain my title while keeping chaos under control.

Sundays are typically spent in pajamas, we don’t typically leave the house and tend to try and get as much done in one day as to lounge around for the next six. The system seems to work pretty well and here are my ten simplest tips on how to prep for the week so you too can binge watch all the Netflix on a Wednesday night without guilt!

1. Wash All the Clothes.

I tend to do a marathon laundry day on Sunday just because I hate having to fold everything and put it away multiple times a week. Even for the minimalists out there, I promise you this can work!

2. Empty the Bags

Go through the diaper bags, the backpacks, the purses, make sure everything is in the right place Sunday night so that you can subsequently grab and go through out the week. An added bonus is I usually find at least four diapers I forgot were stashed in one of my purses, which can then restock my diaper bag.

3. Shoes Matched and in a Central Location.

This one actually got me this morning because I failed to put little dudes sneakers with his clothes and therefore he is wearing crocs today. Put your shoes by the door, the coffee machine, wherever you know you’ll find them. No one likes having to waste time looking for shoes.

4. Pack Yo’ Lunch.

I’ve been sleeping in lately, so packing a lunch before hand (or if your really lazy at least having a grab and go game plan the night before) is a super helpful way to save time for the week. Have a large amount of left overs? Put it into small lunch sized containers! More of a sandwich fiend? Prep and freeze pb&j’s as you see fit. (Or buy a box of uncrustables if you’re feeling like splurging.)

5. Prep Breakfast

Breakfast with a toddler is real hit or miss, but who doesn’t love waffles?! Welcome to my Sunday morning waffle power house, using my Dash mini waffle maker I make us breakfast, but then make and freeze about 10 waffles for the week so everyone can eat without a huge effort put in to make the breakfast. Also the little waffle iron can fry an egg in about three minutes, so really if I was feeling enthusiastic I could make a mess free egg in a matter of minutes without turning on the stove.

Prepping breakfast is also as easy as preportioning yogurt into grab and go containers, or having fruit ready to grab. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

6. Lay Out Your Clothes for the Week.

This is a new thing I started doing and we have hit week three with no problem! As previously stated I do all of the laundry on Sundays, which means all my clothes are clean and available to place into outfits. This is particularly helpful for little man as I can weed out what doesn’t fit as he wears it, insuring he is dressed size and weather appropriate. Extra fun is laying out socks with each outfit so you don’t have find them in the morning.

7. Look at Your Calendar

Nothing says prepared like remembering you have an appointment before the reminder call. Take ten minutes to look at your calendar and see what the week has in store, because you’ll be surprised how much can be forgotten. (Me, every time a reminder pops up on my phone about library books, bill’s, or any social obligation.)

8. Tidy Up.

I am the biggest slacker when it comes to this one, last night I definitely turned the lights off to the living room and didn’t bother to put anything back where it went, and I can promise you it haunts me to think about. Typically I try to take a good twenty minutes to tidy the toys and get everything in order before Monday rolls around, but sometimes the sleep monster beats me to it. You live and you learn am I right?

9. Make Sure There’s Gas in the Car.

Nothing is worse than stopping for gas on a Monday morning. Nothing.

10. Treat Yo’ Self

Take some time to take care of yourself, whether it be lounging in pajamas watching Netflix well into Sunday morning, or enjoying a long shower with the good shampoo and conditioner after the kids asleep the best way to prepare for the week is to recharge and refuel, however that may be.

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