New England Mama’s Baked Mac and Cheese

It's Wednesday, you're tired, its probably cold out, why not have some cheesy comfort food for dinner? We started doing baked mac and cheese everyone once in a while when I'm too lazy to think about putting a real meal together or when Dad's left to his own devices with little man. Quick, budget friendly,... Continue Reading →

Baby Shark Cardio Circuit

I've posted recently about how Baby Shark now consumes our life, and found myself listening to the song on repeat one day for what seemed like hours, so why not come up with a cardio work out to match the song? So without further ado I give you the baby shark cardio circuit. Crafted with... Continue Reading →

Create a Train Craft

We're still on board the love of trains train and recently I came up with a quick little craft requiring minimal materials and little mess! This craft can be improvised with whatever paper you have on hand, get recycling and use old newspaper or sales flyers for some extra cool train cars! Whatever you do... Continue Reading →

Train Track Art

Recently little man has been super into trains, he loves to play with any wheeled vehicle but trains seem to be a hit this week. We took our love of trains and turned it into a quick and easy craft that was a little bit sensory play, a little fine motor, and a lot of... Continue Reading →

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