Train Track Art

Recently little man has been super into trains, he loves to play with any wheeled vehicle but trains seem to be a hit this week. We took our love of trains and turned it into a quick and easy craft that was a little bit sensory play, a little fine motor, and a lot of fun!

The materials you’ll need are simple, an ink pad or two, a few small toy trains, and a piece of paper are all you need! For this activity I put little dude in a high chair just to keep it contained but you could use any flat surface that suits your fancy.

Once seated I simply opened up the ink pads and showed little dude how to stamp and roll the trains so that a track mark appeared and let him go with it! He loved it and even stuck his tiny fingers in the ink a few times for good measure.

The best part about this was the minimal clean up! A quick wash of the hands and wipe down of the surface and we rolled right along into our next activity! It was really fun to watch the understanding of cause and effect when he stamped the train then rolled it leaving a colorful mark, and it was a low mess activity that kept him entertained for a good amount of time.

We will definitely try this again with different variations of objects, I’m sure cars would be equally as fun.

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