New England Mama’s take on the Super Bowl

Being as this blog is titled “New England Mama” it will come as no surprise that I descend from a large line of Patriots fans. Not being able to stay awake for the game however, I was rooting for the boys none the less.

Thankfully my rowdy yet well meaning neighbors woke up the entire city with a delightful ensemble of their loudest and most destructive fireworks, alerting anyone within a fifteen mile radius, (and my poor sleeping self four feet from the window) to the Patriot’s victorious season.

Although little man and myself opted out of super bowl shenanigans this year, we did send papa bear to his super bowl party well equipped with a crockpot of buffalo wings, chips and dip, and a rice krispie football.

The laziest take on superbowl dessert

Although this year was not completed with my husband saying numerous incoherent prayers to the Goat, I’m sure ring number six for Tom Brady will inevitably lead to our next child having some sort of combination of that name in the distant future.

So here’s to the New England Patriots, once again showing just exactly why New England is the best!

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