No Fear Dental Hygeine: Toddler Edition

My tiny human absolutely loves to brush his teeth, if he sees a toothbrush anywhere he’s trying to brush his teeth which is awesome (and also moderately gross). I’ve read plenty of horror stories of kids hating getting their teeth brushed or going to the dentist and I’m so glad we haven’t had any issues yet. Looking back at his little life and love of dental hygiene, we paved the way to success pretty early on, and let me tell you how.

For starters little man got teeth around four months, and once we got the okey to start him drinking water we began attempting to brush his teeth with a soft baby toothbrush. Try and try we didn’t get into a normal routine until about six months, when little dude started “brushing” (chewing on the toothbrush) on his own. He was attached to my hip for a good amount of the first year so we did everything, including brush our teeth, together and that really helped him not to be afraid of the toothbrush.

As he’s gotten older we’ve learned the word “brush” and part of our night time routine is brushing our teeth at the sink while we listen to Raffi’s Brush Your Teeth.

Our biggest tip for making teeth brushing an activity you’re kid will love is just starting early and remaining semi-consistent. Making dental hygiene a regular part of your routine from a young age will help weed out defiance (hopefully… I’ll keep you updated) later on, but so far so good!

So brush yo’ teeth!

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