Create a Train Craft

We’re still on board the love of trains train and recently I came up with a quick little craft requiring minimal materials and little mess!

This craft can be improvised with whatever paper you have on hand, get recycling and use old newspaper or sales flyers for some extra cool train cars! Whatever you do the biggest thing is having fun and letting the littles create their own train!

Simple to set up, you’ll need to cut up some shapes to act as train cars, a piece of paper to glue them on to, a glue stick, and a marker for personalized touches.

For this craft I put little man in the high chair and let him go nuts! Supervision with the glue stick was a must and I glued the initial train, but then he went completely independent and created a super cute work of construction paper art.

I love how linear train cars don’t matter to toddlers and give extra points to the stacking, the kids definitely going places.

What other train themed crafts can we do? Let me know in the comments!

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