Couponing For the Lazy Mama

Alright gang so recently I’ve tried to get back into couponing, I used to help my mom out in my younger years and figured why not give it a go?

The only thing is I am lazy. I’ve said it a thousand times but I’m very much a “this seems really cool but I’m just not that invested emotionally” type person, I’m very non-commital in every aspect of my life so really, I love the idea of couponing but not the “I’m gonna make this a full time job” type love.

So I give you my guide to couponing as told by a lazy mom. This post is dedicated to the passive coupon clippers, the busy people looking to save money without spending a whole bunch of time, if your looking for extreme couponing this is not the guide for you. (But it’s a great starting point!)

1. Set the bar low.

Starting out your not going to be an extreme saver, get all images of the TLC hit Extreme Couponers out of your brain right now. The biggest hurdle I found was expecting too much to start with, set your goal as something simple like building a toilet paper stash or stocking up on diapers, and you’ll feel so much less overwhelmed.

2. Pick your store of choice.

A lot of couponing blogs I’ve read preach the non-store loyalty method, which makes sense if your putting forty plus hours into this, but for this lazy mama I stick with my two stores, CVS and Price Chopper. They typically have the best sales, are close to home, and have user friendly apps as well as rewards programs that make it worth my while to shop there. CVS is my main store of choice as most of my couponing is set up around diapers, wipes, and toiletries. These are things I know I’ll need, won’t expire quickly, and can be stock piled in a tidy area unlike food goods. I also have zero brand loyalty when it comes to diapers and wipes so it makes life easier to find really good deals since they have a wide variety.

3. Pick your niche.

Yeah I said it, I rarely spend time couponing for things out of the baby care, personal care, or household items categories. Yes I look for specific food coupons and typically meal plan around sales, but let’s face it, I’d rather put the least amount of time to get the largest reward possible, so for me focusing on my niche makes sense. Again this is a lazy mom guide, I am not a pro, but I am learning to save a substantial chunk on things I regularly buy and need without spending a crazy amount of time.

Thanks to sales, store, and manufacturer coupons I snagged $83.97 worth of goods for $54.70 and earned $12.75 in CVS extra care bucks.

4. Know your policy.

This one is important, take the 10 minutes to read up on your stores coupon policy, know where will double your coupons (price chopper will up to $1) and who will let you stack manufacturers coupons and store coupons (both CVS and Price Chopper allow this.)

5. Shop Your Sales

This is where you actually have to put time in, grab your sales flyers (or pull them up in the store app) and start looking to see if anything you need is on sale. Once you’ve figured out your list, look through your coupons to see if anything you need that’s on sale has a coupon. CVS is great at this because they have an awesome app that has digital coupons both from CVS itself and manufacturers coupons, as well as let’s you see the sales flyer. Ways to stack sales and coupons is actually really easy, for example this week all CVS brand baby items are buy one get one 50% off, and I have six separate coupons for varying sizes of CVS brand wipes, so by using those with the coupons I’ll get the best bang for my buck. Wipes are great because we always need them and they won’t go bad. Read your sales and then look at your coupons and see if you can match up to get a bigger savings.

That’s my down and dirty guide for lazy couponing, some simple tips that help me to save some money and stock up on every day essentials. Does anyone have any other tips and tricks? Let me know in the comments below!

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