Toddler Transitions: Moving into a Big Boy Room

As I wrote about our room sharing not to long ago, I’m excited and a little sad to say little dude has officially grown into his own space and has been successfully sleeping in his own room for a full week! Complete with big boy bed and all of his toys, the transition was a lot easier than we anticipated, and now that we no longer have a thirty pound terrorist kicking us all night, I’m wishing we made the transition sooner!

We did the transition gradually, starting out first with the introduction of the play room, a.k.a keeping all of his toys in his new room making it way cooler to be in than ours. Once we got situated with the playroom aspect, he became so much more independent playing in his “play room” and really only using our room for nap and bed time.

Little dude and dada playing in the “play room”

Little dude has been sleeping on a twin sized mattress since September, so once he could get on and off the bed frame in his room safely, we kind of new it was just a matter of when we wanted to make the switch.

Pre-move in room was also a great place to do laundry

Last weekend we took the plunge, we bought a cheap audio baby monitor and said our good nights. Once settled into his bed and fast asleep I tiptoed out of the room and shut the door. Mission accomplished.

Fast forward to 1:30am and little dude was fussing, I immediately jumped up to go see what was wrong but then I stopped. I reminded myself he was no longer an infant, he didn’t need to be fed, or changed, and by the time I came to that realization and settled back under the covers, I could hear the peaceful sound of baby snores through the monitor. He was officially a big boy.

Now just because night one and two went well doesn’t mean night three didn’t include a 4:30am bad dream and trip to bring little dude to come snuggle in bed with us, but hey I’ll take it.

Since transitioning over to his own room, little dude is flooring me with how independent he is. He said “please” and handed me an empty sippy cup for a refill, he plays by himself more, and is clinging to me less and less, I’m amazed at how fast he is growing up! A part of me wishes we could room share forever, but I know it’s time to spread the wings and let him become his own (not so) tiny human.

My biggest tip for anyone who may be considering moving their little into their own room, or even just their own bed, is to do it! It may be rocky at first or it may not, but the feeling of pride and accomplishment you get as a parent after that first full night of sleep is totally worth it.

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