Getting Stuff Done: Lazy Edition

Alright I should start by clarifying that when I use the term lazy I mean I’m being pulled in 27 different directions and am short on time. I should probably start using the word efficient because I’m not lazy, I’m just not committed to spending huge chunks of time on things.

Anyhoodles welcome to my down and dirty guide to getting stuff done when you just can’t find the time (or energy) to do so.

1. Do Something.

They say an object in motion will stay in motion right? Just start something, anything, that you need to get done and even if you only get half way through it, at least it’s closer to being completed than before you started.

2. Don’t Panic!

Deep calming breaths, we’ve all been there, sure you ran out of clean socks three days ago and you can’t see the floor of your car, regardless everything is gonna be fine eventually. Don’t let the quantity of tasks overwhelm you, baby steps and you’ll get it done.

3. Baby Steps.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and I promise my van won’t be cleaned out in one either. Make the bigger tasks manageable by breaking them down into smaller bite size chunks. This works great with cleaning out my van especially because as it’s used to transport anywhere between one and five children during the week, it gets messy. Count in all my random assortment of strollers, army gear, and just random objects that get thrown in and I know personally I avoid cleaning it out because it stresses me out! So to break that down, I’ll start with the trash, then the sippy cups and travel mugs, and when I’m either good and ready or absolutely need to get to any of the larger things in the trunk, I’ll take everything out and put away and organize. Give me a warm spring day and I’ll seal the deal with a vacuum and if we’re feeling really good, an automated car wash. It might take me a week or two, but eventually we’ll get there.

4. Once it’s Done Try and Keep Up.

Nothing is worse than spending your only day off cleaning, yet here I am. We’ve been non-stop busy this past month and the state of our living room shows it. Once you’re done cleaning and everything is finally back in order, try to take the five extra minutes to put stuff where it goes so you don’t have to start from square one, every.damn.week. (I swear I write these articles more as motivational tools for myself somedays and that’s totally fine.)

5. Applaud Your Efforts.

No one said being an adult and running a household was easy, when you finish stuff feel free to drag the nearest breathing human over to show them. I’m not sure why, but showing off a clean space really makes it worth it. If you can’t find a reasonable cheerleader in your life, be that person for yourself and realize you kicked ass, even if all you did was put a load of laundry into the washer.

Doing stuff when your tired and drained is tough, but you doer of all the things are tougher! When in doubt ask for help, and just know the sun will still rise whether or not your socks are clean or not.

But in case you need some extra motivation, here’s a quirky graphic just for you!

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  1. “Do something” – love that! Once you get started it is so much easier to finish tasks. I use that idea with working out too – just get there.


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