International Women’s Day 2019: Balance for Better

Happy International Women’s Day to all my lady friends out there! The year is 2019 and the theme of International Women’s Day this year is “Balance for Better”, focusing on the fact that gender equality around the world is not just a women’s issue, but a human issue!

International Women’s Day isn’t a new thing, first adopted by the UN in 1975, women have been flexing their rights to have a day as far 1909! The importance of an international Women’s day ties deeply into the idea of solidarity, that even though out various countries and cultures, gender equality is a goal all women can work together to achieve.

The theme this year of a balance for better is taking a look at gender in every aspect of the world, and seeking to highlight the places where the balance is in full effect and strive to create a gender balance in places where its lacking, from board rooms to sports coverage, the goal is to create a more balanced world.

I absolutely adore the idea of a gender balanced world because it can go both ways! As a working mama with a stay at home husband the amount of questions and backlash we initially (and still do to an extent) recieve is ridiculous! We need a gender balanced world where moms don’t have to feel guilty for working and Dad’s don’t feel left out as stay at home parents. A world where my rank in the army should be respected regardless is I’m a women or not. A world where people can just do their thang without gendered stereotypes and bias.

So my wish for this international women’s day is this, let’s work towards a world that equal and fair for EVERYBODY not just in the workplace but on the home front as well.

A balance for better, that’s a world I want to raise my kids in.

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