New England Mama’s Ice Box Cake

Want to make a fancy dessert that’s healthy yet simple? Want to pretend all that time watching baking shows is actually paying off? Look no further friends I bring you New England Mama’s Ice Box Cake! Healthy, quick, super simple, and sure to wow your family and friends, this easy to do dessert is ready in just under two hours start to finish!

Keeping true to New England Mama fashion, the ingredients are few all you need is two sleeves of Graham crackers, some whipped topping, yogurt of your choice, and strawberries or other fruit of choice. Nutella for garnish is optional!

In a square baking pan lined with parchment paper, create your first layer of Graham crackers by laying them out side by each like pictured below.

Once you have your first layer, you can either use yogurt or whipped topping as your filling and then top with chopped strawberries.

Following that layer, top off with another layer of Graham crackers and continue for three layers, alternating with whipped topping and yogurt for filling.

The layers on this bad boy are great!

For this particular cake I did three layers and then on the final top layer I did a mix of yogurt and whipped topping.

Once done with the building of the cake, I melted some nutella and dipped a few strawberries into it to make it look snazzy. Drizzle some melted nutella on top for that final little piece of cuteness and toss the whole thing in the freezer for two hours until it freezes and voila!

Not super sweet but all sorts of delicious, I love this because it makes me feel like I’m killing it in the kitchen without really trying.

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