Toddler Transitions: How We Stopped Using a Pacifier.

Little man is going to be two in May and the amount of growing up he’s done over the past few months is astounding!

I should probably tell you we as parents didn’t really do much with the pacifier, as I’ve mentioned before we tried to cut it out multiple times, most notably the binkie fiasco of ’18’, and never actually succeeded. So the fact little man is pacifier free is actually all his own doing.

Up until the beginning of February little dude was living his best life with the pacifier, having gotten a new stash for Christmas he was never at a loss for something to suck on while he slept. It wasn’t until he started cutting teeth that he decided to kick the pacifier all together.

I can remember it clearly, it was 2am and little man was fussing up a storm sandwiched between myself and Dylan in our bed, I handed him his pacifier and he threw it. The plastic plug went flying and that was the end of his pacifier days. Everytime we’d hand it back to him we’d get a “no!” and across the bed it would fly. He eventually soothed himself pacifier free back to sleep and that was the end of our pacifier days.

The weird part of Little Dude weaning himself from the pacifier was that it came out of nowhere, one day he’s screaming for it the next he wanted nothing to do with it.

A Pacifier Free Sleepy Bubs

Even now when he sees his cousins pacifier on the floor, he’ll just pick it up and bring it to her, he’s turning into the biggest one all on his own.

So that’s our story, we did absolutely nothing to facilitate the removal of the pacifier and by some amazing act of wonder it worked out. My life as a parent is basically run by our tiny dictator of a child, now if he wanted to potty train himself that’d be great.

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