St. Patty’s Pancakes

Today is all about everything St. Patrick’s Day! We’re wearing green, we’ve played all our favorite music while running our Sunday errands, and it’s all because we started our day with St. Patty’s Day shamrock pancakes!

I can’t take the credit for this idea as I saw it earlier this week on pinterest, but I was honestly blown away at how easy they were to make!

In no way, shape, or form am I an artist so free handing the shamrocks in pancake batter took some concentrated effort, but the final product was one for the books!

My starting point was simple enough, I snagged a frosting bag and small tip from the pantry and used that as my pancake making machine.

Simply make whatever pancake mix you normally do, and toss in the green food coloring, load up your piping bag and you’re ready to roll.

I heated butter in the pan to start because I didn’t want the pancakes so stick, but may have over done it on the first one. Whatever you use to make your pan non-stick, throw that in before you draw your shape!

Once you draw your shamrock, wait for the pancake to start bubbling and then carefully flip it over. The key in the flipping is the careful process of not rearranging the shape once it flips over.

Once both sides are cooked, toss the bad boys on a plate and enjoy your breakfast!

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