We’re Having a Baby… Again!

It’s with a ton of excitement that we’re announcing a new edition to the New England Mama team! Baby #2 is due to be making their appearance somewhere around September 9th, and we are just as surprised this time around as we were with baby #1! So far the idea of having two small children just over two years apart is both amazing and terrifying but we can not wait to see what this little bundle of joy has in store for us!

So far little man can at least say the word “baby” and when you ask him enough times where the baby is, he will eventually poke my belly in a very stand offish manner. He also has yet to understand that sometimes when we say “hey baby” we’re talking to my belly, not him, so I’m sure the transition will go over just great! (Cue the sarcasm.)

Baby shark pregnancy announcement
Our current baby shark has been promoted!

I honestly wasn’t sure how to break the news to the rest of the world, having already told family and close friends, it seemed about right to take it to the blog, and warn you now about an influx of baby and pregnancy related articles.

Little Man giving my belly some big brother snuggles.

So that is whats new and exciting in our little world, our family is growing, I’m eating and sleeping for two, and my poor husband and little man are just coming along for the ride.

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