Rice Shaker Easter Eggs

Now that my big guy is bigger, the idea of decorating Easter eggs is way less daunting than last year! Last year though I discovered the key to mess free egg coloring success lay in the way we approached it, so I give you a baby friendly alternative to the traditional dip method, the rice shaking method!

Rice Shaker Easter Eggs
Miss B Decorating her Eggs Last Year!

I apparently only took pictures of my niece during last years coloring so she is our baby model this post! As you can see the activity is mess free for babies and a great sensory activity too!

What You’ll Need!

For this activity you’ll need a few things, hard boiled eggs, some uncooked white rice, food coloring (I used this kind), and a few different containers with lids to shake the eggs in.

Let the Fun Begin!

Once you boil and cool your eggs, divide your rice into however many different colored containers you plan on doing. I recommend using a different container for each color because other wise you just end up with brown when you throw more than one color in at a time. If you’re artsy and understated how colors work you might have better luck, but for non-artistic me I stuck to my one color rule.

Once you divide your rice (I judged it by eyeballing it, but you really only need a few tablespoons per container), toss in your color of choice and then add the egg. Toss your lid onto the container and make sure it’s on tight before handing it off to little hands, and let the fun begin!

Rice shaker Easter egg
A Master Piece in the Making!

I demonstrated a few shakes to each baby before they got the hang of it, but they loved it! At this point we did a lot of sensory play with different dried goods in different containers for shakers, so it was a blast for them to get to expand on that. When each baby was thoroughly done shaking, I carefully removed the eggs and set them down on a plate to dry.

The results were amazing and the clean up was as easy as dumping the containers and cleaning them out! Looking back now the colored rice could’ve been used in a sensory bin but we hadn’t quite gotten there yet, but if we do it again I will definitely stretch the rice into more activities to limit waste!

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