Spring Bucket List: Toddler Edition

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Here in New England Spring is slowly springing and we are living for it! I absolutely love when the weather starts to heat up and we can be outside for extended periods of time without bundling up! That being said here is our spring bucket list we hope to tackle before we move into summer!

1. Go Puddle Jumping!

Spring bucket list
Living his best life!

2. Blow all the bubbles!

3. Take a Trail Walk! (Perfect to get out extra toddler energy!)

Toddler Spring Bucket List
Little Dude and I on a trail walk last spring!

4. Take a Hike up a Mountain (check out my original post about toddler hiking here.)

5. Picnic Lunch!

6. Plant Something. (Literally anything that will survive at this point, we have a track record of killing plants.)

7. Visit the Park!

8. Decorate Easter Eggs. (For younger toddlers try the rice shaker method!)

9. Do an Easter Egg Hunt.

Color matching egg set

(Cleaning up our color matching egg set every night is the Egg Hunt that keeps on giving.)

10. Play with Sidewalk Chalk. (Hope it doesn’t get eaten in the process.)

11. Visit the Bike Path!

12. Eat Popsicles Outside!

13. Play in the dirt!

Toddler bucket list spring edition
A Pot Full of Dirt Makes for One Happy Dude!

14. Go on a Treasure Hunt! (I used to geocache before the kiddo and would love to give it a try with him this year!)

15. Visit the Car Wash! (This ones a two for one special, a super fun activity, and my car could probably stand to be washed.)

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