The Struggles of Modern Day Parenting

In a world where screen time is the devil and non-organic is considered a curse word, it is pretty darn hard to feel like you’re not failing at the whole parenting thing. As a 24 year old mom of one, it’s a challenge not to constantly second guess my decisions due to the comments made my family, friends, and random strangers alike. This article is going to delve into a topic as parents we can all relate to and that is parenting in the modern world, in an environment that’s constantly changing, it’s a wonder anyone still has kids anymore.

As a “millennial” the hardest challenges I face as a parent are mostly related to social media and the fact that opinions and ideas are constantly thrown in my face about how or how not I should parent. It’s impossible to go a day on the internet without seeing something that makes me question my parenting skills, and I feel like I’m probably not alone in that.

What truly makes the struggle of the modern day parent stand out against the previous generations before us is also the world we live in. In a world where it’s hard to tell just how bright the future is, in a political climate that’s far from tame, raising kids in this ever changing world is terrifying.

There are so many different ways to parent, yet for whatever reason the generations before are still so stuck in the past. When old ladies are stopping you in the grocery store to ask if your child has a jacket, and you’re just sick of explaining car seat safety to the senile, parenting can be exhausting.

So here’s to all the parents trying their best to beat the odds and raise tiny humans in this not so tiny world, may your sense of self be strong and your ability to overcome the obstacles faced by today’s crazy world be at an all time high.

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