Build Yo’ Stash: Preparing for Baby #2

With baby #2 on the way we’ve kicked into a very lazy preparation stage, mainly in the building up of a diaper stash! Thankfully due to couponing and smart shopping, I’ve managed to build our stash for a fraction of the cost, and this article is going to delve into the logic and process behind building a stash.

The Benefits of Building a Diaper Stash

For our family, building up a diaper stash made sense because my maternity leave is going to be unpaid, so by throwing a few extra dollars into the stash every week while I’m still working, we won’t have to worry about the extra cost when I’m not working. Also the fact that I know when I leave the hospital I won’t need to buy diapers right away is such a relief, because I remember with my first having to send my husband out right away to grab formula and it was a nightmare just knowing we couldn’t immediately settle in and relax.

Another benefit of building a diaper stash is that you can search for the best deal and aren’t forced into buying the top dollar pack just because you’re down to your last diaper and you’re kiddo ate a hearty dinner. I make sure to only buy for the stash when it’s on sale and when I have coupons, no pressure to buy any week over another because the new baby isn’t here yet. The saving cost factor leads me into my second big point.

Lowering the Cost of Parenting

With building the diaper stash I am able to make sure that the cost of parenting is significantly lower than it could be by shopping deals and using coupons. When I decided to start a diaper stash I made the point to only buy for the stash once or twice a month, and never pay full sales price and so far things are looking good. When we found out bout baby number two we toyed with the idea of cloth diapers, but for us the constant laundry was going to be more work than we we’re able to put in, and so we decided to stick with disposables. Not the cheapest option as any parent is aware, but by stocking up now before the babies born, we’re keeping costs low in the long run by not having to stress about running out at 2 am when we run out.

We were super fortunate with baby number one to have gotten a solid six months worth of diapers at our shower, but with baby number two we’re on our own, so we’re doing our best to save where we can.

Where to Start

When I decided to start stock piling diapers it seemed overwhelming, and then I opened the sales flyer and saw that pampers were on sale at CVS for 2 for $20, and I had a $2 coupon and was going to earn $5 back in extracare bucks if I bought both packs, and that’s when my anxiety subsided and I realized how obtainable a stash really was. The biggest take away when building a stash is to realize even a few packs can go a long way in getting you through the first few months. I’m not trying to build a stash for the first year, just enough to survive until maternity leave is over and hospital bills are paid and that for me is what keeps me going. Set a realistic goal and realize you’re just doing future you a favor and you’ll be alright in your stash building adventures.

How to Make it Work

We still have a little dude in diapers so we’re buying them anyway, when its a buy 2 for a set price deal it’s easy to snag a pack of ones with our normal pack of fives, and that’s how we started growing the stash. Another big thing that saved us the cost of the stash was using extracare bucks to buy the stash diapers, if I’ve hit a good week and earn extracare bucks from CVS, they immediately go back into buying diapers for the stash.

CVS is my go to for stocking the stash because they regularly have sales on diapers, for instance a few weeks ago I posted about how I bought two packs of huggies for less than the retail price of one, and that was all because CVS was running a sale of 2 for $20, and I had not only a manufacturer coupon, but a $3 off of $15 store coupon and extra care bucks, so stacking the coupons is really how to get more bang for your buck. Even building up a stash of wipes is great because CVS brand are my favorite, they regularly send me coupons to my CVS card, and usually once a month are on sale for buy one get one 50% off, which is a no brainer because wipes don’t expire and we use them daily.

Diaper Stash
Nailed it!

Find a store that you’re familiar with, sign up for there rewards program, and start reaping the benefits, for me that store is CVS because it’s the best deal for me, but really just finding a place that you can make work for you is essential in saving costs on diapers.

Finding a Home for Your Stash

My husbands face when he first saw the stash was one for the books, because it was actually organized and neat unlike 98% of the rest of our lives lately, and having a dedicated space for the stash is something that I find crucial in maintaining my sanity in prepping for baby #2. Little Man has his own room, we have our space, but as we enter week 18 of this pregnancy we have yet to really put much thought into where baby #2 is going to reside. So when I mentioned starting a stash when we found out about this little noodle, he was skeptical as to where we’d house the extra diapers and wipes. Luckily we have plenty of nooks and crannies to stash the goods in, keeping everything out of sight and out of mind.

Building a Diaper Stash
The Stash

Making sure you can keep everything somewhat together helps to see where you want to improve your stash and where you’re good. Right now our stash consists of sizes one, two, and a pack of threes, with sixes and a pack of pull ups for when little dude outgrows his fives (which will probably be once this current pack runs out), and a ton of wipes. Seeing everything I know I have about 200 size one diapers, so a few more packs will be added and then I’ll start moving on to the size twos, keeping the mental note in the back of my mind in case I stumble upon a good deal or diapers on clearance.

You may notice I didn’t mention newborn diapers in my stash, when my son was born he had outgrown newborns by the time we left the hospital and they were nice enough to send us home with a pack just in case, so I start my stash at ones with the presumption that this baby will also be large and in charge. I’ll let you know if that is true or not when they finally arrive.

The Bottom Line

Being a parent can get expensive, so anyway we can save we do and for us stocking up ahead of time for the new baby diaper wise just makes sense. There are a million ways to prepare financially for maternity leave and having a newborn, and this is just one way we’re making sense of it all. Whether you stash up a few months or few weeks, either way we’re all gonna end up running out of diapers mid-morning on a Tuesday at some point, I’m just hoping that some point is when the baby isn’t needing a change every two hours to save the immediate rush to the store

Have any extra tips? Built a stash yourself? Let me know in the comments below!

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