Tiny House Fever

Recently my Pinterest has been exploding with everything tiny homes and I am living for it. The dream of someday holding a tiny home is one I’ve held on to since I first found about about the movement when I was sixteen, but obviously with a six foot three husband and two kids, that reality doesn’t seem like a realistic idea. But then I found this.

Tiny house fever
A tiny house for a big family

Now I obviously can not take the credit for this design, the design can be found here and you can purchase the design plans as well.

What makes this tiny house so appealing is sure it’s more of a small home, but we could realistically start with the first half and then add on the bedrooms as the kids grow. For a family that’s used to close quarters, a tiny home is an affordable way to get a place of our own in a world where home ownership is getting harder and harder to achieve.

The pull to the tiny house movement for me has a few reasons, one the freedom from a mortgage or renting is definitely one of them, for two we aren’t large footprint people so a tiny house is really all we need, and for three the idea of getting back to the basics and sticking to our minimalist style is super appealing.

Will we ever make it? This is clearly more of a dream than anything else, but I’d love to hear from any tiny home builders or lovers who have made it work with or without kids, let me know everything!

This dream is far from a reality but I’d love to eventually manifest it into a home.

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