DIY Paper Egg Collage

Last week I shared with you a super baby friendly way to decorate Easter Eggs, today I’ll be bringing you a fine motor skill builder that is super easy to do and the results will last you years to come!

Without further ado I present the toddler friendly egg collage!

Diy toddler craft

Little Man’s finished project!

This activity requires a few things, a blank piece of white paper, a piece of construction paper in any color, markers, scissors, and a glue stick.

To create this masterpiece it’s actually really simple, I let Little Man do his thing coloring away on the white piece of paper until he lost interest. I didn’t put any egg shapes on the paper prior because for one I’m super lazy and two for some reason coloring sheets aren’t his jam and he loses interest pretty quickly.

We absolutely adore low prep and no mess activities and this one definitely fits into that category! Another way to make this even more mess free would be to use crayons since they don’t get on hands, but we’re still in the chewing phase so we can’t quite use those yet.

Diy toddler craft

Step one complete!

If your little one is older and can color in the lines feel free to throw some predetermined egg outlines on there, its entirely up to you!

Once the white paper was colored and Little Man was done I then simply took the scissors and made some egg shapes around his coloring. I didn’t let him help me with the scissors this time around because he hasn’t hit two yet and the thought makes me super nervous, but if you’re feeling confident and have safety scissors definitely let them help!

Once I had the shapes cut out Little Man took over and helped to glue the backs with the glue stick and then place on the paper. I assisted in not letting him eat the glue stick, and helping to not stack all the shapes on top of each other, but it was a great activity in listening because he did really great once we got going!

Diy toddler craft

Ta da!

This activity was great because it took a whole three seconds to prep and clean up, the coloring alone kept him entertained for a half hour, and the finished product is something we can proudly display for years to come because its adorable!

Next week will be another egg tastic adventure, but for now we’re still on the low prep band wagon.

What are some other Easter or spring crafts you love to do with your toddler? Drop a link below or let me know in the comments!

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