Shaving Cream Easter Eggs

It’s the day before Easter and we finally got around to coloring eggs! It’s very rainy and humid outside so we turned our morning play time into the mother of all sensory activities! A huge shout out to my amazing friend Sam who inspired me to give the shaving cream trick a try, she’s the real mvp for the hour and a half of independent sensory play Little Dude accomplished this morning!

I’ve seen a lot of different ways to dye eggs with a toddler, we mentioned the egg shaker method earlier in the month, and I’ve seen the whisk method used, but shaving cream really seemed like the most fun for us this year! (Also I had no vinegar or liquid food coloring, so we had to adjust fire on the traditional dip dying plan.)

The materials are super simple, we used shaving cream, a baking pan, gel food coloring, and of course hard boiled eggs!

First I boiled the eggs (no idea how over cooked they are… apologies to my household now), then I placed them in a bowl of cold water to cool.

While cooling, I snagged a baking pan and filled it with shaving cream and gel food coloring. My shaving cream did have a slight pink coloring to begin with, but it’s Easter so the brighter the better.

Shaving cream Easter eggs
The set up!

Once the shaving cream was colored I attempted to swirl the colors with a toothpick, long story short the toothpick was not cutting it so I blended the colors with a spoon.

Once the colors were blended and the globs of coloring mixed with the shaving cream, I placed our eggs into the mess.

Shaving cream Easter eggs
The eggs are in!

Now I tracked down Little Dude and let the chaos begin!

Shaving cream Easter eggs

Shaving cream Easter eggs

Shaving cream Easter eggs

It was only when we were both hands deep in the shaving cream that I realized I probably should have put down a towel, or a bucket of water near by to wash hands. Once the eggs were sufficiently covered in shaving cream, I moved Little Man into the empty bath tub and took the eggs away, leaving the shaving cream and some trains to play with while I cleaned up. I added a bucket of soapy water and he played happily for a good forty minutes while I wiped off the eggs.

Shaving cream sensory play
Let the fun continue!

I recommend using paper towels or napkins to wipe the shaving cream from the eggs, at first I tried a face cloth and that was just more of a mess than I needed.

Once all the mess was cleaned off the eggs though I was super surprised by how gorgeous the eggs came out!

Shaving cream Easter eggs

I will say they will probably be rinsed after they get deshelled for eating due to some over excited toddler created cracks, but other than that I will definitely be doing this again!

Messy, fun, and super sensory friendly, this was such a cool and exciting way to color our Easter eggs this year and I’m so glad Little Man took the idea and then continued to play with the mess even after the eggs were done! I love a good time consuming sensory activity and absolutely adore the fact that the toddler did too!

So if you’re looking for a super fun way to decorate eggs and aren’t afraid to get your hands messy, this is definitely a must try!

Shaving cream Easter eggs

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