Easter Egg Pancakes

Last month I brought you St. Patrick’s Day pancakes, and today we tackled Easter themed pancakes!

We as a household adore pancakes, quick and delicious we eat them a lot, so finding a way to make them fun and exciting is always a plus!

For the pancake batter today I used the Great Value just add water type of mix, and didn’t find any difficulty with the coloring or mixing of the batter.

For today I split the batter into two separate bowls and colored with gel food coloring.

Easter egg pancakes

Then I loaded two plastic bags up with batter and cut off a corner of each bag. Thats when the fun began!

Easter egg pancakes
We went disposable in today’s journey!

The struggle with not using the frosting tip like the last time was that my accuracy and free hand skills are not as good as I remembered, but they’re just getting eaten so it was totally fine! You can create any Easter or spring themed shapes you like, this is your kitchen and you’re in charge! I did two Easter egg pancakes and one bunny pancake (maybe a duck depending who you ask) and think they came out close enough for a nearly two year old to enjoy.

Easter egg pancakes

Easter egg pancakes

Easter egg pancakes
A bunny (or maybe a duck?)

Once our Easter egg pancakes were cooked up to perfection, we had a super festive breakfast that was both parts adorable and delicious!

I’m sure with two kids next Easter will be a whole different story, but for now Little Dude is enjoying some fun Easter themed pancakes and a world of whimsy on his breakfast plate!

Easter egg pancakes

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