The Big Reveal

Monday we went in for our Anatomy scan of baby number two and there is definitely a baby in there! We had originally planned to do a gender reveal solely for the excitement of my triplet sister, but she being equally as excited as we were found out Monday night with everyone else!

What was interesting this time around with the ultrasound was that, for starters it was the same tech we had two years ago which I didn’t even realize until my husband mentioned it, and it felt like it took a lot longer this time around, clearly I forgot how fidgety womb nuggets are.

Gender reveal
Baby Number 2 being adorable!

What was exciting was seeing the baby move and kick and getting actually confirmation that the blows I’ve been receiving from the inside are actual baby movements, and watching as the little one moved around and imagining our first born doing the same thing on the outside.

But without further ado…

It's a boy!

It came to no surprise to my husband as this is grandchild number 5 that is a boy on his side of the family, but I definitely shed a tear or two at the realization that I’ll never have a daughter. Then also came the immediate fear that they may refuse to tie my tubes because of the no girl thing, but that’s a story for another post.

We’re so excited to have another little man to love and adore, and secretly super relieved that hopefully the teenage years will be less dramatic than mine were.

What we’re most happy about though is that baby is happy and healthy in there growing normal and doing his thing, because at the end of the day we just want a healthy baby regardless of how they pee.

We’re holding off on announcing a name until he actually joins us in the real world, but if anyone wanted to throw down suggestions I’m always super interested what other names are out there!

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  1. Congrats Porter family! I love having two sons myself and know you will too. For some reason when I saw this post Ollie popped into my head. So enjoy your blog Kyla. You’re a very talented writer❤


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