My Go to Apps for Blogging

I’ve just recently hit year two of this whole blog thing and it’s been a journey to say the least! From finding new content to share, to finding time to get it posted, I’ve come a long way from the early sporadic posts and so has my creative process and the apps I use!

Today we’re gonna tackle my go to apps for creating blog posts and content, from coming up with ideas for posts to creating a killer post image, these apps are my life lines for keeping the blog going!

1. Pinterest

I spend a lot of time on pinterest looking for new and exciting things to do with my life, from recipes to tweak to activities that then lead me down the rabbit whole of creative thinking, pinterest is definitely my go to when I’m stuck and needing ideas for posts.

I also love pinterest because of the plethora of resources available for blogging success, which have been so helpful the entire time I’ve been blogging. Also the fact I have a blog board where I can neatly file all of these resources is equally dope.

2. WordPress Mobile App

A while back I posted about my workspace and how I sometimes have one dedicated to the blog and other times don’t, that’s where the wordpress mobile app comes in.

Being able to create content directly on my phone is super convenient for when I have a quick minute to start a post or wrap one up. It’s also great for mobile reading as I can find all the blogs I follow in one convenient place.

The wordpress mobile app is easy to use and super user friendly, which makes blogging ten times when I’m short on time.

3. Canva

Canva is my go to app for creating custom graphics for the blog. A free graphic design platform that provides you with thousands of awesome templates for meet all your graphic needs, I found this app when I first started blogging and absolutely love it!

I love being able to see all my designs I’ve created in one place, and be able to reuse and tweak the ones I’ve made for further use. It’s also a great resource for creating free printable activities for the littles, and where I create all the newsletter content that gets sent out.

4. Picsart

I mentioned this one way back when Little Man was first born, but still use it all the time to edit pictures before posting them on the blog!

Another amazing free app, I can create collages, edit, and spruce up my pictures so that they’re in perfect condition for sharing.

The Bottom Line

Basically it’s been two years of building my little blog space to where it is now, and these apps are my happy little assistants in creating that space. I still have a long way to go and can’t wait to see where the blog takes me, but here’s hoping this handy little list can help inspire a would be blogger to take the dive into the abyss and get blogging!

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