Pack and Play Ball Pit

Recently we began digging out what was left from Little Man’s baby years and the Pack and Play has made an appearance into our living room. Not wanting to waste the space, we turned it into a ball pit and gave a whole new meaning to play time!

This was an idea I had found in my pinterest searches way back in the day and just finally put it to work. He absolutely loves playing in his ball pit because it’s new and exciting, plus I can have five minutes of not chasing him around the house while he plays which is amazing.

The method to create this activity is super straight forward, all we did was pop up the play pen, toss in the mattress, and threw in some balls. Add a toddler and you are good to go!

This activity has been awesome because it promotes a ton of movement which burns off that extra toddler energy before bed. It’s also awesome because he can label every single color ball in the pit correctly, which is doing wonders for the rest of his learning because he’s starting to piece stuff together.

It’s also great for working on numbers and counting, between asking how many balls I’m holding, and counting by color there is a lot to do and learn with such a simple set up.

So if you have an old pack and play just collecting dust and can scrounge up a few balls, I’d highly recommend throwing a ball pit together for your toddler. Super easy set up, loads of fun, and a perfect energy burner for those days when they just want to move, this activity is a great way to repurpose something you may not use otherwise.

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