For the Love of Libraries

Toddler vs. Library…

Yesterday we took our “oh crap the books are getting close to due” trip the library and honestly, it was an experience. We’re at the stage where Ez doesn’t want to be in the stroller, but also won’t hold my hand, and the quicker I walk to catch up to him, the faster he runs away giggling hysterically. We lasted 0.4 seconds in the adult library looking for a book for my husband before I picked the stroller up in one hand, toddler in the other, and begrudgingly made our way up to the kids room. Once we reached the safe haven of our children’s room, pandemonium ensued and I somehow managed to pick out our reading for the next few weeks while my tiny terrorist created chaos. By the time we left I was stress sweating, Little Dude was trying to muscle his way out of the stroller, and I swore I’d never read another book again.

Why am I telling you this you may ask?

I’m letting you in on the not so glamorous side of parenting because even though we as a duo we’re having a tough time, the library staff and patrons we’re the coolest and most understanding of people. I felt super guilty for being that mom, but no one said anything negative, even though they definitively should have kicked me and my monster out as soon as we walked in. It was an eye opening experience because I am that mom that is terrified her kid will act a fool in public, but it happened and we didn’t die.

Now with all that being said, I bring up the point of my child needing an exorcism in the middle of the young adult lit section for two reasons, 1. I’m so blessed to have an awesome local library with a kids section separated from the adult section and 2. because libraries are such amazing resources for parents and non-parents alike and they definitely deserve more praise.

So back to the main topic of the post, here are 15 amazing reasons we visit and support our local library, and maybe some of these will motivate you to do the same.

15 Reasons We Love Our Library

1. Air conditioning in the summer.

It can get really hot in New England without warning, so you bet I like to sneak away to the quiet oasis that is our local library for a much needed cool down.

2. They have an amazing book selection for kids and adults.

Nothing says happiness like grabbing a bunch of books to read at bedtime for the little one, while also grabbing a book to read by myself once he’s asleep.

3. Free Wifi!

This may or may not happen at your library, but I know there were many times in college where I wouldn’t want to sit in the actual school library and would happily find a corner of our local library instead.

4. There’s no obligation to talk to anyone.

Before I had Ez it was amazing to just sit and read in silence, knowing no one was going to try and make small talk with me because it’s a library and that’s just not a thing you do there. Silence is golden my friends, and I miss those days of being able to peruse the library shelves in happy oblivion.

5. It’s way cheaper than Netflix.

My library has an amazing selection of DVD’s ranging from documentaries to kids movies, I swear they have it all! Considering my library card was free, I think its safe to say it’s way more cost efficient than streaming services.

6. Libraries are environmentally friendly.

Borrowing and returning books is way cheaper and wastes less paper than buying your own books every week, plus I love clearing up space in our rooms when I return books, just to fill it up with the next weeks haul. Every book has a story and it’s neat to get to share them with the community by borrowing from the library.

7. They have awesome kids programs!

From infant and toddler story time to the summer reading program, our local library has something for every age level!

8. They even do adult programs!

There’s a monthly book club, drop in knitting, and so many other awesome community events that are put on by the library at no cost to the patrons! Any place that fosters a sense of community and purpose and pretty rad in my book.

9. It’s a judgement free zone!

Whether it’s been six days or six years since you last checked out a book, your library card never expires and the staff is always pleasant and just glad to see your reading. It truly is a no judgement zone even if you have to pay late fees on your over due books once every couple of months.

10. It’s Free!

As mentioned in number five getting a library card is free! much to be done at the library that costs zero dollars. They have books on CD’s, computers available to the public, puzzles, blocks, and of course thousands of books to choose from. All of those services alone are well worth the card fee, not counting all the amazing community programs they put together each month. As someone who is always looking for ways to save, having a library card is an amazing low cost way to experience the world through literature, and I’m so glad I get to share it with my kiddo.

11. The kids section is separated from the adult section.

Our library boasts a pretty impressive children’s room that is thankfully across the hall from the main portion of the library. There are toys, games, and plenty of books ranging from board books all the way up to young adult literature to entertain every age range. I’m just glad that the room is shut off by a door so that the people without children are spared my child’s excited yet loud shrieks of excitement.

12. It’s open on Saturdays!

Nothing says starting the weekend off right than a trip to the library, the hours are flexible and accommodating so everyone in the community has a shot at fostering a love of reading, which is also very rad.

13. They even do E-Books!

A way the husband and I have been making do with reading has been through their e-book borrowing service, and it has been a life saver! For when the little one can’t handle the adult library we have a whole collection of books at our fingertips through the mobile Libby App, and other than the occasional popular book being on hold, almost everything is available either through e-book of audio book format the same day. Thanks to Libby I just recently finished seven out of eight of the Outlander series books, and am looking forward to savoring book eight while on maternity leave.

14. You can order books from other libraries.

If you are desperate to read a book but it isn’t available, they can place a hold or order it from another library so the wait isn’t as long. The ease of picking the book up at the circulation desk and returning it like a normal book is also amazing, and makes for some happy reading.

15. The possibilities are endless!

There are so many different books to read, movies to watch, and magazines to browse that there is literally no way I could ever get board of the library. With new arrivals being circulated in monthly and new community events scheduled regularly, there’s no telling what experiences we’ll have or knowledge we’ll gain just by visiting our local reading hole.

We Love Libraries!

Even from a young age the library has always held a special place in my heart, and I’m hoping as the kiddos grow and get older that they too can foster that love of the public library and the love of reading that comes with it.

With so many reasons to love our local library and libraries in general, it’s hard to imagine a world without them! So support your local library and tell me all about why yours is amazing in the comments below!

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