DIY Bean Bags

Lately we’ve been doing a few things around the house. Purging our wardrobes, getting stuff together for little mans second birthday, and coming up with new and exciting activities for Little Dude during the day as I prepare to start a new job. Today’s DIY somehow manages to mesh all three of those things together!

This post is post number one in a series of DIY’s and projects that revolve around the idea of upcycling or turning one thing into another in an effort to reduce waste and bring new life to old things!

Today we’re gonna walk through how to turn an old tee shirt into some awesome DIY bean bags, which we’ll use for Ez’s shark themed bean bag toss at his birthday party, and use for fun activities through out the week at home!

For this DIY all you need is an old tee shirt, a sewing needle and thread, scissors, a marker, and dried beans or rice to use as a filler.

DIY bean bags
The Materials (rice not shown)

The first step in creating this DIY was to lay the shirt out flat, then measure out your bean bags and mark them on the shirt as seen below.

Diy bean bags
Clearly my measuring skills are subpar.

As you can see, I eyeballed the bean bags and they obviously aren’t perfect, for more accurate results I recommend using a ruler and actually measuring. Once measured, I then cut out my first shape and started sewing.

Diy bean bags

Diy bean bags

I started by sewing two out of the three sides since this one was already connected on one side. Make sure you leave a side open to then fill with whatever dried good you’re using to fill the bag. I used rice because it was what we had on hand. There wasn’t an exact science to measuring, I just kept handing the bag to my husband until he deemed it sufficiently filled. Use you’re own discretion at the filling, as long as it’s easy to toss you’ll be fine.

Diy bean bags

Diy bean bags

Once I filled the bean bag to the proper level, I then folded the top down to make it a square shape. I decided to use the fold method over the cut method to add an extra layer of security from the top opening up.

Diy bean bags

Once all the edges were sewn together and the bag was complete, then we went on to quality control and boy did I enjoy tossing the bean bag into the toy box nearby. I managed to sew up one more bag before calling it quits for the night and will finish the remainder of the bags over the weekend.

Things that could probably make this a quicker project would be using a sewing machine, and actually measuring every single bag specifically so they’re all the same size, however if you’re just looking to make something that isn’t Etsy level of craftsmanship, than this method will work fine!

Tried it? Have a different way to make bean bags? Let me know in the comments below!

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