Boss Mom Part Two: Cassie M.

This is part two in a series highlighting various moms at varying stages of motherhood who hold it down at home while running  a small business. This post is highlighting Cassie McGuire, a single mom of one adorable little girl, who decided to take the plunge and become a full time Scentsy consultant to support her family. You can check out her product page here, and feel free to join her Facebook group here to learn more.

The Interview:

Introduce yourself, if you don’t mind feel free to talk about your experience as a mom and give me a quick run down of what you do!

I’m Cassie and I’m a 28 year old single mom to the cutest and sweetest little one year old girl, Emma. I sell Scentsy! We are a safe alternative to everyday household items. We are most known for our warmers and wax which are a safe alternative to candles. We have well Over 100 different decorative warmer designs and scented waxes to choose. The warmer is heated to body temperature by a light bulb and melts the wax to safely make any space smell amazing! It cannot burn you even if you stick your fingers in the wax (which my daughter has done). The wax is totally non-toxic and is considered food grade. This is great for people like me with teething little ones who put everything in their mouths. If she was to get into it, there is nothing to worry about! We have a kids stuffed buddy line with all different adorable characters, each scented with a scent pack! A hypoallergenic body line ( I can use it on myself and on my super sensitive skinned daughter ). A hypoallergenic full cycle laundry line, and a safe, non toxic cleaning line. I clean my daughters high chair and all her toys, again that she puts in her mouth with our all purpose cleaner without fear.

Why did you decide to get into the small business game?

I decided to get into a small business from home because I am a single first time mom and I never wanted to leave my baby. I get no child support and have no means of paying for childcare so working outside the home wasn’t an option anyways, but I needed that income to support my daughter and give her everything she deserves. I was a Scentsy customer for years and I actually bought it from a good friend of mine who was a single mom that was in the same situation as me; not only did I love the products already but it seemed like the perfect solution to my money worries, so I took a chance and it was the best chance I ever took.

I took a chance and it was the best chance I ever took.

What drew you to the line of business you’re in?

I was drawn to the business line because having a baby on the move and curious, I couldn’t have things such as candles around my home and I loved that Scentsy offered a safe alternative that I was actually able to display in my home without worry.

 What are some of your favorite aspects of being a self employed mama?

My favorite aspects of being a work at home mama are of course never having to leave my baby. She is hitting so many milestones and there are so many “firsts” going on right now and I’ve been there to witness all of them. The bond we have because we are together 24/7 is indescribable. I can make my own hours that fit into our lives perfectly while still being able to bring Emma out , do play groups, keep her on a nap schedule and still get work done all in the same day!

What has been a struggle as a working mom in a self run business?

Having a self run business like this is sometimes stressful because some months are always better than others. Sometimes I have a bad month where sales are really low and money becomes tighter, but as the business grows those months become fewer and fewer thank God but at first it’s hard. I have to build a customer base from scratch and make people see why they should buy from me and not one of the thousands of other Scentsy consultants. I have to constantly network and expand my customer base and sometimes I get stuck on ideas on how to do that. It’s overwhelming sometimes.

Any advice for mamas that want to go into a business of their own?

My advice would be, take a chance on yourself. Don’t let fear hold you back. I let the fear of failure hold me back for so long. But taking a chance on myself has given my daughter and I a beautiful life.

Now for the wrap up, what is one thing you wish more people understood about being a mom in general?

Being a mom is the most amazing, rewarding, exhausting job in the world. It’s a full time job all in its own and then adding another real job on top of that, sometimes us Moms we feel like we’re drowning. But even when we feel like that we always find a way to make it work for our babies. I wish more people would see how resilient and bad ass us mommas really are!

I wish more people would see how resilient and bad ass us mommas really are!

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