A Boy and His Bike

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The weather is supposed to be warming up any day now, and we’ve had a few patchy hours of sunshine through all the rain lately so it seems fitting to write about Little Man’s new found love of his “bike”, or more so my absolute adoration of one of the cooler things they make for kids now a days.

Last year for his birthday Little Dude received the Radio Flyer 4 in 1 Trike, and we honestly didn’t get much use out of it as he was still as that awkward newly toddler stage. Fast forward to this year where he is a full blown toddler with a surprising amount of coordination and we now keep the thing in our trunk, (thank the gods our mini van has a ton of space back there) and take it out when we go to the park or for a walk on the bike path.

Radio flyer four in one trike
Note how nicely it fits with our double stroller.

Made with kids in mind, the four in one design allows for it to transform over the years from a hybrid stroller type ride along, to a full blown bicycle. With a detectable handle for a stroller type effect to start, we use it in place of the stroller because it gives Little Man the illusion that he’s doing all the work, while we happily push him along from behind.

We love the bike path!

We took the bike on a joy ride of the skate park early Wednesday morning and realized that although I was in complete control, a helmet may not be a bad investment.

All joking aside, I love how it gives Little Man the preliminary steps of learning how to peddle forward and back, as well as how to steer, without the fear of him completely wiping out and destroying his little toddler self. The bike also comes with a handy little trunk space to store snacks and diaper supplies without me having to lug the diaper bag. I also love the fact it has a cup holder for his sippy so I truly don’t need to worry about carrying anything on our adventures.

For anyone on the market for a tricycle that will grow with your toddler, I highly recommend the Radio Flyer 4 in 1! Being a minimalist type family, this product definitely fits the bill as it will last for years to come and grow with Little Dude, and once he outgrows it, it’ll be perfect time for Little Dude #2 to start to ride!

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