The End of Year Two!

Tomorrow Little Dude turns Two and I can not believe it’s been two whole years since he came sprinting full speed into our lives! It’s amazing how much he’s grown over the past year in height alone, but to watch him have conversations with people in his mix of English and Ezish is equally as cool.

So far we know our colors, can count to ten, know all our animal sounds and love fruits and vegetables! We’re climbing and jumping off the floor with two feet, but we still need to work on not losing our cool when Mom or Dad (or anyone really) leaves for the day.

We’ve ditched the pacifier, sleep in our own room in a big boy bed (well we at least start there anyway), and can walk up and down the front steps to get into the car like a big guy!

He loves playing with cars, trains, and “Monter trucks!”, and can keep himself occupied for a really solid amount of time which is amazingly helpful.

We love the outdoors, all things messy, and have a nifty habit of collecting rocks whenever we get in or out of the car.

This weekend will be full of more party DIY’s, shark themed fun, and maybe a recipe or two, but for now here’s an annual round up of how cute he still is!

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