Baby Shark Birthday Party

Yesterday we had the amazing time of celebrating Little Man’s second birthday party and it came together surprisingly better than last year! Here’s a quick round up of the experience.

The decorations were all DIY!

I super wanted to keep the theme while keeping a low budget, so thanks to pinterest and some solid time management skills, I managed to make the decorations instead of buying them! It was actually really cool to repurpose some old cardboard to create a giant shark head, or my left over yarn to string up a handmade Happy Birthday garland with matching Baby Shark Garland.

Sure it was time consuming and the experience of cutting out 20ish dorsal fins to tape onto the top of plastic forks is one I’d rather not replicate, it was really cool to see hardwork and some crafty thinking pay off.

The weather was amazing.

Thankfully the rain that was forecast in the beginning of the week was no where in site and the weather was amazing! Little Man and friends ran around for a good three hours outside without any fear of getting wet which was nice!

Having a memorial day weekend birthday is really a win for Little Man because it usually means we can be outside, which means way less planning on our part and more room for people to meander.

Kids are amazing.

Every time we get together with our friends who also have kids, it’s always really cool to see how fast other peoples little humans grow up, and to absolutely swoon over the cuteness of other babies.

I am not a grill master.

If I learned anything this year it’s that next year if we do a party we’re pizza. I am horrible at cooking meat, I don’t know how to flip a burger and my hot dogs looked like they survived Chernobyl. I am not a master of the grill and will plan accordingly for years to come.

On a positive note, I don’t think anyone starved and the dog enjoyed the left over grilling that didn’t get touched, so it was probably fine.

Anxiety is a horrible party guest.

You bet my already pretty high but sky rocketing due to being pregnant anxiety was in full effect for a good majority of the party, and it was a heck of a fun time trying to not shout expletives from the top of my lungs the whole time. Little Man had a blast though and no one died, so really it was a pretty good day!

If there’s any advice I can give to the super anxious party host, it’s obviously to relax, but also remember it’s a party so have fun!

The final take away.

Watching my tiny human stick his finger in cake and then run around in dirt was one of the most heart warming experiences, and I’m so glad it’s one we can replicate every year! He had a blast and at the end of the day it’s so nice to know how supportive and loving our friends and family are to want to spend a sunny afternoon chasing a toddler around outside.

Another year in the books and I’m looking forward to see what next year will bring and forever grateful for the amazing people our little dude has in his life.

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