New England Mama Takes a Break… again

It’s with a lot of excitement and mostly exhaustion that I’ve decided to take the month off from blogging, I’m tired, my inspiration has worn down, and I seriously need some time to maybe start prepping for this baby that’s coming in a few short months.

I’m relaunching the blog July 1st with new content and surprises, but also taking time to rekindle my creative passions I’ve been stifling over the past few months, and put some hard work in on the million and twelve ideas constantly filling my memo app over the past six months.

I’m super excited to keep reading all the awesome content everyone else is churning out over my morning coffee without the pressure to write anything for a few weeks.

Mainly I’m hoping to rekindle the passion that seems to have hidden away somewhere over the past few months, and just want to reconnect with my inner creative before I stifle the dying flame for good!

So here’s to a blogcation of finding what inspires and bringing it back home.

Much love!


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