New England Mama Returns

We’re back! It was beautiful taking the last month off to enjoy some quality time away from the blog to reconnect with my little family and recharge the creative batteries! It’s been two whole years of running this awesome blog and as much as I love having an identity all my own and a platform to let me brain run wild for the world to see, sometimes you just gotta unplug and change things up!

While on blog-cation we did a lot of awesome family stuff, we visited a few different bodies of water, ate lots of ice cream, and enjoyed everything that is summer time in New England! We also started prepping for baby number two who will be arriving at the end of the summer, and I’ve reached the beginning of the third trimester finally!

On the creative side of the house I took a step back from the blog and thought about where my passions were pointing me and how to incorporate more of what I love doing into my daily life. I revamped the look of the site and have even started an Etsy shop for digital prints and pdf’s that I’ve been working on as a quirky little side hustle just to keep me busy.

The blog will still be a lot of mom stuff, from toddlers to soon to be newborn antics, but it will also start including a little bit more of the quirky and fun aspects of life that I enjoy outside of motherhood, a little bit of lifestyle blog mixed into the mom mess to keep me from completely going to the dark side.

I look forward to incorporating some videos in with blog posts here and there, mainly because someday’s I have so much to say but can’t seem to find the time to type it all out, but mostly I’m just glad to be back in the routine of blogging and creating creative and new stuff as an outlet for the chaos that is motherhood.

So as always thanks for sticking by and putting up with the chaos, we’re back and living life one mess at a time.



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