Student Prime Savings

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Everyone loves saving money, and most people also love Amazon Prime, well color me surprised as I was doing some Amazon shopping recently and naturally was wondering if Prime was worth the $12.99 a month, then I stumbled upon Student Prime which has all the same benefits of normal Prime but for half the price. Looking into the whole student prime thing even further I realized they’re running a special for a free six month trial and I’ll tell you I wish I was returning to school in the fall! This post is all about saving all my student friends money and hooking you up with some discounted Amazon Prime.

Student Prime

For anyone in college right now it is definitely worth checking out! Did you know Amazon does textbook rentals for a fraction of the big book store price? They even do E-Books! Although I’m currently on a break from classes I hated having to rent textbooks from all over the web, but with Amazon you can find just about every book imaginable for a decent rental price. The cost of Student Prime is $6.49 a month, but right now Amazon is running a six month trial of Student Prime for new Prime members for free! Thanks to their partnership with sprint you can get all the perks of Amazon Prime for free for six months just for being a student! If you’re looking to get your hands on some free Prime I definitely recommend starting your free trial before the next semester starts and get some savings on textbooks and some pre-class binge watching in at the same time.

Not a Student? No Problem!

You can try out prime with a free 30 day trial by signing up here, even if your not a student and curious about all the awesome benefits prime has to offer, there’s still a way to try before you buy!

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