Our Summer Bucket List!

The weather has finally turned and summer is here! What a better way to kick off the month of July than with our summer bucket list? So far we are slaying the list left and right and I’m looking forward to hopefully checking all the boxes by the time September rolls around!

Our Summer Bucket List!

1. Go to the ocean

We actually already visited the ocean twice this summer and I’m hoping we can squeeze one more trip in before the season ends! Little Man loves being able to run around on the sand and is a sucker for making Dad take him into the waves! There’s something super therapeutic about the ocean that makes the drive always worth it!

2. Go Camping

Whether it’s just in the backyard or in the actual wilderness, this was something we couldn’t wait to do this summer! Surprisingly enough Little Man is the happiest little camper and we look forward to spending some more time roughing it before fall comes!

3. Go to a new state

This is a running item on my summer bucket list every year since I was 18, and this year we finally did it! You can check out more about our very first Maine Adventure here!

4. Visit a Botanical Garden

Flowers are beautiful and so are New England afternoons in the summer! We can’t wait to visit a Botanical Garden at some point soon!

5. Go to the Lake

New England is a great area for some lazy lake days and Central Massachusetts is no exception! Looking forward to many lazy afternoons spent by the water this summer!

6. Splash in Mud Puddles

This is a seasonal gift that keeps on giving, but nothing says fun like splashing in the muddy aftermath of an afternoon thunder storm.

7. Visit the Park

Another fan favorite, parks can be a great place to both make new friends or enjoy some play time alone all summer long! Plus they’re free so really it’s a dream day trip to take Little Dude to the park on the cooler days.

8. Picnic Dinner

Although trying to get a toddler to eat anywhere but at the table can be a struggle, I love the idea of eating dinner somewhere outdoors.

9. Music in the Park

We’re lucky enough to live in a town where Saturday nights in the summer can be spent down at the local band stand listening to some awesome tunes! Haven’t taken Ez since he was a tiny one, but hopefully my music loving toddler will enjoy an outdoor concert before the season changes.

10. Build a Sandcastle

Nothing says summer like building a fortress in the sand just for your kiddo to squish to smithereens.

11. See Fireworks

Note how the activity is seeing the fireworks, not sure how he will do with the noise so we’ll gladly watch from a pretty far distance.

12. Family Ice Cream Date

Summer is hot and sticky so why not end the night with ice cream for the whole crew!

The Printable Version

If you’re a visual person I’ve created a nifty little check list graphic for you to download our summer bucket list! It’s an easy way to track your list and add on to it as you go!

Our Summer Bucket List
Our Summer Bucket List

Well that’s our bucket list so far, hopefully we can accomplish the list before the end of the season! What else is usually on your list for the summer? Let me know in the comments below!

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