Fourth of July Pancakes

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, but what’s a holiday without some themed pancakes? Today we took a patriotic spin on a breakfast classic and went red, white, and blue for our morning meal!

Red white and blue pancakes

Simply make your pancake batter as you would normally and swirl in some drops of red and blue food coloring to get a super festive and fun tie dye look!

Red white and blue pancakes
Look at that beauty!

The less you mix the colors the better because you will inevitably end up with purple pancakes if you stir the food coloring too much. Once in the pan cook as normal and viola! You’ve got one piping hot pancake of freedom ready to be served!

Fourth of July pancakes
Red, White, and Blue Deliciousness!

Throw some fresh strawberries on the plate with your patriotic pancake of freedom and you’re ready to start off independence day with a hearty breakfast fit for Uncle Sam himself.

I absolutely adore doing themed pancakes because they’re so simple and add that extra level of fun that make holidays special. I also am a sucker for pancakes so any excuse to make them is a good one to me.

Here’s hoping everyone enjoys a happy and safe Fourth of July spent staying cool and spending time with loved ones!

From our family to yours, Happy America Day!

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