Polaris Rising: A Book Review

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Recently I’ve started to branch out to different genres when choosing books to read from the library, and dipping my toes into the Science Fiction world with Jessie Mihalik’s Polaris Rising was just what I needed to change up my reading habits.

I chose the book simply because it was the first one that caught my eye off the new additions shelf at our local library, and I was one hundred and forty five percent pleased by the time I was done reading it.

Polaris Rising is set in a futuristic world where space travel is the norm and planet earth is ruled by the consortium made up of three major family houses, and our protagonist is kick ass Ada from house Van Hasenburg who’s on the run from more than just an arraigned marriage. When the novel opens we find Ada fighting her way around capture by her father, head of house Van Hasenburg, who placed a huge bounty on her head to bring her back to earth so she can be used as a political pawn in the consortium. Ada’s journey may seem like it will never end as she continues to evade capture and attempt to free herself from the life she so desperately wants to leave behind. Throw in some supporting characters such as Marcus Loch, convicted murderer with a mysterious past, Veronica, the quiet yet deadly black market shop keeper, and Rhys the grey area arms dealer who is somehow linked to them all, and you’re in for a wild ride of blaster guns and spaceship stealing.

At first I thought the novel would be all action as the opening chapter alone had me hooked, but then as characters were introduced and sub plots emerged, it became clear that this adventure tale had more going for it than just killer fight scenes.

With the perfect mix of action, romance, and space travel, it was definitely right up my alley in terms of story line. I’m an absolute sucker for a strong female lead who’s story revolves around adventure rather than romance, but I also am a huge baby for a good love story that doesn’t feel forced. Mix the two together and I am so glad I gave this book a chance.

The other characters were written in a way that allowed them to blend well into the story, clearly the author took the time to make them complex because there wasn’t any point where I felt like a character was there just for one specific reason, every piece of the puzzle helped further the story in more ways than one which is something I always appreciate in a novel.

What really sucked me into this novel was that for one it was an easy read, I wasn’t stumbling over words and hard to remember history like I have with other science fiction novels, but also it was damn entertaining. As soon as one plot seemed to start to play itself out, a subplot would emerge and take center stage, but in a way that added depth to the story without bogging it down with unnecessary story lines. Perfect for fighting insomnia, this book kept me on my toes the entire time, and I struggled to put it down.

If you’e looking for a sci-fi read that even the most non-sci fi fan can appreciate, than Polaris Rising is definitely worth checking out. You can check your local library for a copy, or can find the paperback version on Amazon, the E-book is available for kindle devices here, or you can try out a free trial of Audible and check out the audio book here.


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