Minimalist Living with Kids

It’s been a while since I touched on minimalism and parenting, but with baby number two slowly creeping closer to his due date I figured it was worth talking about.

I became an accidental minimalist due to our downsizing last summer, and as much as I want to miss having a large living space full of clutter, our little area with less stuff is so much easier to keep up with. It takes me a whole fifteen minutes every night to reset the three rooms we live in back to normal, and it would probably take less had I kept up with it to begin with.

When it comes to having a toddler, he has his own room but we still manage to keep his stuff down to a minimum.

When it comes to clothes we are lucky enough to have a ton of hand me downs, and we stretch sizes as far as we can, but I still try to pull out what he doesn’t wear every few months and either put it away for the next one, or pass it on.

He has ample toys but we try to keep it to a minimum, mostly open ended stuff he’ll play with for a while that baby number two can also enjoy in years to come, I methodically go through and put toys away or get rid of them as we get closer to gift giving holidays to keep clutter to a minimum.

When it comes to having a second baby, I decided to go bare bones on what we needed, having lost a majority of what we had from Ezra’s infancy, I haven’t felt the need to replace it all just yet. I opted out of the swing and found a free vibrating baby seat online in a moms group, keeping baby clothes to a minimum, we have four small fabric cubes filled with various sizes and I don’t feel the need to get anymore. I’m still undecided on the crib situation since our pack and play is currently a ball pit and my original bassinet attachment from Ez grew legs and walked out, but I’m sure I’ll probably end up co-sleeping for the first few weeks until I make a decision on what we have for space and how to fill it with a bed.

When it comes to raising kids it seems like they need a million things but what I’ve learned so far is they need about four. When we go places we try to stick to experiences over material goods, I’ve stopped going to target just for the sake of a trip, and getting rid of clutter seems to be a therapeutic experience within itself. I never thought we’d be able to live a life of less than we had been, but since adapting to smaller spaces and a minimalist lifestyle the biggest take away has been that things don’t foster happiness but people and places do.

When it comes to raising minimalist kids we do splurge on books, having a book shelf loaded to the brim in each room, that’s one thing I couldn’t compromise on, but the value of those items definitely make up for the space of the shelf.

The biggest thing I’m trying to instill in my little guy is that less really is all you need, and I’m hoping that as he gets older that’s a lesson he’ll be able to keep close at heart.

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